Dad’s Support Group

We each have our own set of issues, stressors, and problems to survive daily. Sometimes it can all be overwhelming, to say the least. But when you attend a dads support group, one thing does become incredibly clear…

You are not alone, all of us have similar issues to deal with:

Family and friends who can’t truly understand what we are going through, since they are not living our lives.
Schools that attempt to help, but are hampered by funding, policies, and attitudes based on misinformation.
Issues and conflict between siblings. It is not uncommon for the identified child to garner most of the family’s time, attention, and resources.
Maintaining a career, a marriage, or relationship, amidst all the different issues involved, and numerous appointments for your child.
We strongly suggest trying to attend a Dads Support Group, they really make a difference in your own well being, and can be a wealth of knowledge and support.

PS: If there is no group near you, and you are interested in starting a Dads Support Group for your area, please contact DadsMOVE to get started…

Current DadsMOVE Support Groups

Tacoma Pierce County

Children’s Museum of Tacoma
1501 Pacific Ave, Tacoma, WA 98402,

This dads support group runs from 6-8 pm, 2nd Thursday of each month in collaboration with Exceptional Families Network. If you have any questions about systems navigation, IEP/504/Special Education, community resources, or almost anything else that relates to raising kids with emotional, behavioral, or mental health concerns, stop by and ask.  Limited Childcare is available by registering to Parking is free on the street after 6.

Upcoming Dads Move Group Meetings:

There are no upcoming events at this time.